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Monday, June 13, 2005

Holiday moans

Arrghhh......2 more weeks till school reopens!!!I can't believe that 2 weeks have past and i have not started on my pile of homework,help!!!I have been spending the past 2 weeks on the computer and kayaking course and even when i wanna start i don't noe how to do it!!!Every holiday i have always planned to finish my work on the first and second week but somehow i always fail to do so.Help!I am so suffering from stress,I have to worry about my homework,packing for my uk trip and getting good grades.With all this goin on,I don't think i'll ever make it to my ideal junior college(st andrews) or maybe even to any junior college in singapore even though my o's are a year away.Sometimes i wonder why and how all the bimbos who always go shopping can get into good classes while here i am slogging my guts out only to get into a double science class.I better start planning my time properly from now on.........


Just finish doin a 4 day kayaking course at SAF yacht club and it was fantabulous!!!This was not bcause of the food,my friends,my partner(actually this was the worst part) or anything but my 2 greatest instructors Michelle and Sebestian,the gynae.HaHa...Yup,they were so nice and patient with us and the whole kayaking course would just be so empty without them.We called Sebestian the gynae as he constantly calls us to push push push that it reminds us of givin birth.Actually he is askin us to push the kayaks lah.But of course the course had its cons too.I had to go through the painful peeling of the sunburn,oouch and my beautiful face is now in a mess with all the peeling.And yup my partner _ _ _ _ _ _is such a_ _ _ _ _!!I was practically doin all the work and she was throwin her freakin temper onto me!When i had hurt my eye,everyone came to ask me how i was but her!Some kinda friend she is.Anyway i learned that if u wanna go kayaking,choosing the rite partner is very important and for my case luckily i had 2 super nice instructors or i would not have endured this whole thing.I am thinkin of doin the 1-star course later this year and i really hope Michelle or Sebestian is coachin again and i am definetely gonna find a new partner!